Equipping the Modern Adventurer with Eco-Responsible Fashion

At Coulange, we combine elegance and environmental responsibility. Our collections are made with 100% natural, unblended materials like pure cotton and luxury cashmere, all ethically sourced in Italy, France, or other parts of Europe. We use exclusively synthetic fur in our creations, thus affirming our commitment to animal protection.

1. The Purity of Materials

Coulange Products: Each piece is a tribute to the purity of natural materials. We carefully select textiles like 100% natural cotton and refined cashmere for their superior quality, comfort and durability.

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2. Commitment to the Environment

Planting Trees for Every Purchase

For each product purchased, we plant a tree, thus actively contributing to reforestation and the fight against climate change. This initiative highlights our dedication to a greener and more sustainable future.

3. Ethical and Local Manufacturing

Our production, based in France, favors short circuits and supports the local economy. By using European materials and producing locally, we minimize our carbon footprint while guaranteeing impeccable quality and ethics. Coulange has its own workshops.

4. Synthetic Fur: Elegance without Cruelty

Aware of the importance of animal welfare, we have chosen to exclusively use synthetic fur in our creations. This approach reflects our commitment to fashion that respects all forms of life.

Choosing Coulange means choosing fashion that respects the environment and promotes animal welfare. Our commitments to natural materials, local manufacturing, and our tree planting initiative make every purchase a responsible and conscious act. Discover our eco-responsible collection on coulange.fr .