Saharan Jumpsuits

Our Saharan Jumpsuits for Women

At Coulange, we are proud to present our safari suits for women, combining timeless design with exceptional artisanal quality. Inspired by the charm and boldness of safari style, our jumpsuits are perfect for modern explorers who seek both elegance and functionality.

Long Safari Linen Jumpsuit C38

Handmade in France, this beige linen jumpsuit offers optimal comfort and exceptional durability. Perfect for summer days and urban adventures, it embodies effortless elegance and casual chic.

Short Cotton Safari Jumpsuit C89

This short cotton jumpsuit is ideal for warm days. Its elegant cut and lightweight fabric make it perfect for all occasions. Like all our pieces, it is handmade in France, guaranteeing quality and style.

The History of Coulange Saharan Suits

Safari suits have their origins in the French army, where they were worn by soldiers on missions in desert regions. Coulange, with its rich heritage of making clothing for the French military, has transformed these functional pieces into stylish and versatile fashion clothing for modern women.

Our safari suits draw inspiration from this tradition, combining military design elements with modern touches to create clothing that is both practical and stylish. Made with natural materials like linen and cotton, they offer unparalleled comfort and sophisticated style.

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