Trench Coat for Men - the raincoat Handmade in France

Men's Trench: Elegance and Durability by Coulange

Discover the timeless excellence of the men's trench coat by Coulange. Handmade in our workshop in Mayenne since 1918, our trench coats embody the pinnacle of discreet luxury and durability. Whether you're an urban explorer or an outdoor adventurer, our trench coats are designed to meet all your style and function requirements.

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Men's Trench Coat: Elegance Redefined

Our trench coats for men combine tradition and modernity with an aesthetic inspired by military design. Each piece is made from 100% natural or recycled fibers, guaranteeing both comfort and respect for the environment. By opting for a Coulange trench coat, you are choosing a garment that will stand the test of time, while offering you an elegant and refined silhouette.

Men's short trench coat: Quality and Craftsmanship

Coulange trench coats are the result of unique artisanal know-how. Made to order, they ensure unparalleled attention to detail and exceptional quality. We guarantee our products for life, a testament to our commitment to sustainability and excellence. Whether for a rainy day in the city or a getaway in the great outdoors, our trench coats will protect you with style and efficiency.

Men's Green Waterproof Trench: Performance and Style

Face the elements with confidence thanks to our waterproof trench coats for men. Designed to be both functional and aesthetic, they offer optimal protection against the rain without compromising your look. Their sophisticated cut and premium materials make each waterproof trench an ideal companion for discerning men who refuse to compromise on style.

Why Choose Coulange?

  • Lifetime Guarantee : Each trench coat is designed to last and is guaranteed for life.
  • Ecological Materials : Made from 100% natural or recycled fibers.
  • Artisanal production : Made by hand in our workshop in Mayenne.
  • Customization : Each product is made to order for total exclusivity.

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