The different Coulange National Marine Deck Jackets

national navy blue and green deck jackets 1950

Three Generations of Deck Jackets

Coulange has produced three generations of jackets for the military, each meeting the rigorous demands of the military environment.

Première Génération Coulange has introduced sturdy khaki green jackets, featuring durable Eclair brand zippers for heavy-duty use. Their design included a removable hood and an invisible drawstring at the pelvis, providing more waterproofing.

Second Generation In this generation, the emphasis was on simplification and improvement. The jackets lost the drawstring, gained lightness, and incorporated a zippered hood, making the garment more practical and comfortable.

Third Generation This latest generation is distinguished by its lightness and modern style. The jackets, now in navy blue, feature lighter and more robust YKK zippers. Secure zippered pockets, including a convenient chest pocket, add to the functionality. The buttonholes disappear.