The sea, with its infinite expanse and mysterious depths, has always been a source of inspiration and fascination for man. It symbolizes freedom, adventure and the unknown. At Coulange, the sea is a reminder of our maritime military DNA, an ode to the bravery of navigators and explorers of the seas. It will be with pride that we will unveil our collection dedicated to this vast ocean: the “Sea” range. To be discovered on November 1st.

Our trip

Embracing the “Sea” theme doesn’t just mean adopting azure blues or evoking marine motifs. It’s immersing yourself in a story, an adventure, a journey. Each piece in this collection is a journey, a challenge met, a quest for perfection that reflects the incessant movement of the waves.

Sustainability and Resilience

Like the sea which shapes and sculpts the shores over time, our products are designed to resist and last. The chosen materials, processed with Coulange know-how, guarantee durability against the elements.

Functionality and Adaptability

Just like the sea, with its changing currents and tides, our products are adaptive. They are designed to be as functional as they are flexible, meeting the needs of those who live between land and sea, between city and ocean.

Timeless Elegance

The changing reflections of the ocean, the shades of blue, the flashes of silver under the glow of the moon – the beauty of the sea is timeless. Our creations capture this natural elegance, combining refinement and character.

Tribute to Our Heritage

The “Mer” collection is not just a set of objects. It is the memory of sailors, of naval battles, of distant horizons discovered. It is a testimony of respect for those who braved the unknown, with honor and courage.

We invite you to dive into this universe, to feel the thrill of the ocean, to let yourself be carried away by the waves of emotions that our creations arouse. With the “Mer” range, Coulange invites you to embark on an unprecedented journey.

Coulange. Sea. A meeting between the strength of the oceans and the finesse of craftsmanship.

Sail boldly. Travel with Coulange.