The Legendary Coulange National Navy Deck Jacket

The Original Coulange Quarter Jacket: More than a Jacket, a Story

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Looking for a vintage Coulange National Navy deck jacket ? Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the French army, these jackets have become a true icon for adventurers and the ambitious. These jackets, worn by generations of intrepid sailors, are not just deck jackets: they are traveling companions, steeped in stories, resilience and daring adventure. The patina of each of these jackets is a traveler's map, retracing the roads traveled and the stories lived.

The Quest for Authenticity: Discovering Your Coulange Jacket

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The quest for a Coulange shift jacket is an adventure in itself, a true exploration. These pieces, true witnesses of stories and expeditions, are often hidden in unexpected places, waiting to be discovered by the lucky ones. A good starting point for this treasure hunt would be to search military surplus, flea markets and flea markets.

If you don't have the chance to get your hands on one of our vintage shift jackets, we have created for you a parka steeped in these stories and memories that is just waiting for you.

From Past to Present: The Coulange Heritage Parka

The Héritage Coulange Parka is a modern reinterpretation of our iconic “deck jacket”. Maintaining the essence of the original, this new creation incorporates contemporary features, guaranteeing superior comfort and functionality. Each Heritage Parka like our deck jacket is made to last, which is why it is guaranteed for life.

national navy deck jacket Coulange deck jacket

Discover the Heritage Parka and start your own chapter with Coulange.