The True Luxury Sustainable Clothing

Welcome to Coulange, the quintessence of sustainable and luxury clothing. Since 1918, we have embodied elegance and robustness, shaping each piece by hand in our workshop in Mayenne.

Why Choose Coulange?

1. Unparalleled Durability: At Coulange, each garment is designed to last. Our materials are carefully selected for their resistance and superior quality. Our products, guaranteed for life, embody a philosophy of true sustainability, far from fleeting fashion.

2. Artisanal Manufacturing: All our clothes are made by hand in our workshop in Mayenne. This artisanal approach ensures attention to detail and exceptional quality that machines cannot reproduce. Each piece tells a story, that of ancestral know-how.

3. Ecological Materials: We use exclusively 100% natural or recycled fibers, guaranteeing products that are not only environmentally friendly but also beneficial for your skin. Our commitment to ecology is reflected in every aspect of our production.

4. Military-Inspired Design: Our creations are inspired by military design, combining functionality and refined aesthetics. These rugged, stylish garments are perfect for modern adventurers who demand the best in style and performance.

5. On-Demand Production: At Coulange, we manufacture our products on demand, thus avoiding waste and ensuring that each garment is created with a specific purpose. This allows us to minimize our carbon footprint and offer unique and exclusive pieces.

6. Environmental Commitment: For each piece purchased, Coulange plants a tree. By choosing our clothing, you actively contribute to reforestation and the protection of our planet. It is our way of thanking nature for the resources it offers us.